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Free RUBIK'S CUBE game for AutoCAD
(written in AutoLISP)

Mix the cube then click the arrows to twist layers. See how far you can get with this challenging brain game.

Screen Shot of Free Rubik's Cube game for AutoCAD

Program is downloaded as .ZIP archive. You will need to unzip it before use. AutoLISP files are text-based files and can be viewed with any text editor.

To load the program: Type 'AppLoad' at the AutoCAD command-line (alternatively, go to Tools >> Load Application). Select the program file (k4kube.lsp) and click 'Load' to load the program into the current drawing session. A message should appear in the command-line - k4kube.lsp successfully loaded.

To run the program: Type 'rubix' at the AutoCAD command-line. Large arrows rotate the cube 90 degrees, small arrows twist the layer 90 degrees. Sort resets the cube, Mix randomly twists 10 layers, Quit exits and erases the cube.

Click to download k4kube.zip

Download k4kube.zip

The program demonstrates what can be achieved with AutoLISP programming. The program detects user screen clicks (AutoLISP grread) and calculates which 'solid' or 'donut' has been clicked. If a solid is clicked the program updates the required solids (AutoLISP entmod and entupd).

K4 CAD Solutions is a software development business focusing on programming services for AutoCAD users. Custom commands can be programmed to meet very specific user requirements, ranging from simple utilities to complex 'knowledge' driven applications. Additionally, Windows Applications can be developed to interact with AutoCAD (e.g. launch AutoCAD automatically to generate drawings from external data sources). To discuss your specific requirements or for any other general enquiries contact K4 CAD Solutions via the Contact page.