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K4 CAD Solutions - Bespoke AutoCAD® Programming

AutoCAD Application Development utilizing:

  • AutoLISP (built-in programming language)
  • DCL (Dialogue Control Language)
  • Windows Applications (Delphi Pascal or C#)
  • Database Connectivity (SQL Server, Spreadsheet)

Custom Software Development is achieved using a combination of AutoLISP, DCL (Dialogue Control Language) and bespoke Windows Applications. AutoLISP is AutoCAD's in-built programming language (i.e. if you have AutoCAD full version loaded then AutoLISP is already there). AutoCAD LT version does not have AutoLISP interface. DCL is also in-built and allows for elegant dialogue boxes for input of parameters, selection of entities and ease of use. Many derivatives of AutoCAD (e.g. IntelliCAD, BricsCAD) will also support AutoLISP.

AutoLISP is an interpreted language rather than a compiled language, so any upgrade to AutoCAD means your AutoLISP programs will continue to work without any modification. Any AutoLISP programs developed can be deployed on multiple machines.

Sample AutoCAD script
Sample AutoLISP code
Sample DCL script
Sample Delphi code
Sample cSharp code
Samples of code used to develop bespoke solutions

AutoLISP can be utilised to create programs (new commands) that can, for example:
  • Automatically generate drawings
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Interact with user, pausing for input
  • Modify existing entities
  • Generate bespoke Blocks
  • Add Extended Entity Data
  • Read external files (text/db)
  • Write external files (reports)
Additionally, Windows programs (written in C# or Delphi Pascal) can, for example:
  • Generate AutoCAD Scripts (commands in a text file, run as a batch)
  • Launch AutoCAD automatically and execute Scripts and custom commands
  • Be executed from within AutoCAD (e.g. Technical Utilities)
  • Maintain Databases (e.g. Product Databases, Standards Databases)
When you contact us for Custom Software Development, the first task is to define a project specification - through consultation. We discover exactly what your requirements are and how you want your application to work, for example input for commands to be via Dialogue Boxes or the Command Line. When a specification has been defined and agreed upon, some preliminary coding may take place to test feasibility. Once feasibility has been established, full coding is carried out by an experienced programmer. All programs are fully tested and documented before release.

Under-floor heating modelled from external source via Script

The above under-floor heating was modelled by a custom Windows program (developed in Delphi). The program generated a script file (.scr) based on an external file holding information for under-floor heating loops. The script was then executed in AutoCAD (Tools >> Record Actions >> Run Script). Most CAD systems have the ability to run scripts, so even if you're not using AutoCAD we can create Windows solutions that automate drawing production.

Custom commands can be programmed to meet very specific user requirements, ranging from simple utilities to complex 'knowledge' driven applications. Additionally, Windows Applications can be developed to interact with AutoCAD (e.g. launch AutoCAD automatically to generate drawings from external data sources). To discuss your specific requirements or for any other general enquiries contact K4 CAD Solutions via the Contact page.