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• Parametric Commands
• Data Input via Dialogue Boxes
• Automatic Drawing Production  
• Simulation and Animation
• Modelling and Rendering

• Manufacturers' Databases
• AutoLISP Programming
• Database Connectivity
• CNC Code Generation
• Windows® Applications

Many AutoCAD users are using AutoCAD 'out of the box', not realizing it's full potential. One of the most powerful features of AutoCAD is it's capacity to be customized to increase drawing productivity. More dramatic productivity gains can be achieved with bespoke programming - imagine your own 'intelligent' commands that 'know' what you're about to do! Reduce mouse clicks to the minimum and maximize your AutoCAD investment.

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CNC Code

K4 CAD Solutions is a software development business focusing on programming and customization services for AutoCAD users. Additionally, Windows® programs can be written to run independently of, or inside AutoCAD, enabling elegant solutions to complex CAD requirements. A manufacturer's Product Selector, for example, may consist of AutoCAD and Windows programs to view and insert products into drawings and further Windows programs to process purchase order data. K4 CAD Solutions can automate your drawing production, increase productivity, saving you time and money. Make your 'wish-list' dreams come true!

With over 20 years experience programming for Windows and AutoCAD, K4 CAD Solutions has provided solutions to companies ranging from glass bottle manufacturers to industrial storm-proof door manufacturers. Whatever your challenge, our team of analysts and developers can deliver a bespoke solution that meets all of your requirements.

Programming in AutoLISP (AutoCAD's built-in programming API), and with full knowledge of all AutoCAD commands, we can develop very powerful custom commands. Use of DCL (also built-in) enables the creation of Dialogue Boxes for easy input of parameters. Additionally, Windows programs can be developed in Delphi, to run from within or independently of AutoCAD, for example to generate CAD scripts and then launch AutoCAD.

Sample AutoLISP Code

Examples of Bespoke Programming Projects


•   Parametric Commands - produce complex designs (2D/3D) by specifying dimensions of various features within the design, enabling families of parts to be produced with minimum effort. Options to save and load parameter sets or link to external databases.
•   CNC Code Generators - commands to draw machined parts and generate CNC code to your specifications (feed rates, spindle speed, etc). G-CODE turning and milling projects undertaken, other CNC operations considered.
•   Data Input via Dialogue Boxes - a well designed dialogue box enables users to interactively input and select parameters quickly and easily - using the most appropriate controls (radio buttons, edit boxes, list boxes, etc).

•   Data Import Commands - commands to import text-based design data and so greatly reduce AutoCAD drawing time by allowing the preparation of drawings outside AutoCAD. Can write programs to read Excel and SQL Databases.
•   Manufacturers' Databases - suites of commands that interactively insert manufactured products into drawings - for use in-house or for distribution to specifiers and architects. High quality graphics and automatic generation of purchase orders via CD ROM Catalogues.
•   Bespoke Windows Programming - from Database programs (which can run independently of, or within AutoCAD) to Engineering Scientific Utilities, Job Costing and Order Processing systems and more. Programs to generate AutoCAD scripts, launch AutoCAD and execute scripts for automatic production of drawings based on external data sources.

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